Home Ownership

Home ownership provides a number of financial, social, and health benefits to American families. Especially in areas with housing price appreciation, home ownership is a wealth building mechanism and homeowners are also eligible to receive substantial federal and local tax benefits. Owning a home also provides families with increased residential stability, which can translate into improved school performance for children. The financial stake owners have in their neighborhood also is viewed as something that spurs them to become more-engaged in their community, and there is some research that has found that home ownership also can translate to improved health. The National Association of Realtors has compiled a summary of research related to the benefits of home ownership.

Several different datasets can be used to measure homeownership in Allegheny County. Data is available from the U.S. Census Bureau that measures homeownership at the Census Tract level, and can be used to compare communities in Allegheny County to others in the U.S. Administrative data from Allegheny County’s Office of Property Assessment can also be used to look at the homeownership status of individual residential properties.

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There are several things data users should know about each available data source in order to use it to better-understand homeownership in Allegheny County.