Data Guide

Guide to Property and Housing Data


This guide to property and housing data was created to make it easier to find, understand, and use information about real estate, properties and housing in Allegheny County. This guide is designed to help users find public property and real estate information. The guide also contains information all data users should know about specific datasets. It contains links to tools that help provide access to data, and also includes links to related information such as plans and policies related to real estate and housing.


This guide contains information on the types of data describing real estate and housing data in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Each of the categories shown here in this section of the guide describe the types of data that are available, provide links to where it can be found, and describe some additional context to help people use and interpret the data accurately and responsibly.

Property Sales

When a property is sold, a deed is usually filed with the Allegheny County Department of Real Estate. Deeds typically contain details related to the sales transaction including buyer, seller, sales price, and a legal description of the property. Property sales data is widely used to understand housing market dynamics, including sales prices, sales volume, and sales characteristics.