Pittsburgh Parking Authority: Lots and Metered Parking

Hour range Transient
8am-10am $479.00 120
10am-2pm $551.25 174
2pm-6pm $198.25 100
total $1,284.25 440
Projected Average Utilization

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Definition of utilization A utilization metric can be calculated to estimate the level of parking purchases in a given time interval.

As this utilization calculation is based only on the time at which parking is purchased, it does not represent a good estimation of the occupancy of a particular lot or zone. (Specifically, if someone pays at 8am for four hours of parking, all of that revenue is counted in the 8am-10am slot in this calculation, even though a parking space was paid for through noon.)

The formula used for calculating utilization is
Utilization = (Revenue from parking purchases during time slot) / (Revenue if all spaces are paid for during time slot)

Transient utilization (utilization excluding lease revenue and spaces) would be
(Revenue from parking during time slot) / { (space_count - 0.85×lease_count) × (rate per hour) × (the number of days in the time span where parking is not free) × (duration of time slot in hours) }

Here we assume 85% occupancy of leased spaces as a reasonable estimate. (space_count - 0.85×lease_count) is an effective space count (the number of parking spaces expected to be available for everyday purchase). By adding in the lease utilization, we can calculate the total utilization:
Utilization = ([Transient utilization]×[effective space count] + 0.85×lease_count)/space_count
    = (Revenue from parking purchases during time slot) / { space_count × (rate per hour) × (the number of days in the time span where parking is not free) × (duration of slot in hours) }
      + 0.85×lease_count/space_count
or more concisely:
Utilization = revenue / (space_count × rate × days × hours) + 0.85×lease_count/space_count

The source data for the table above can be found here and the space counts, rates, and lease counts may be found here.

Zone/lot features for selected lot
Selected lot: 301 - Sheridan Harvard Lot
Rate: $1.00/HR, Space count: 41, Lease count: 17
Date range for selected time range Data available from 2014-01-02 to 2023-03-26.
Selected range: 3/2022 (27 metered days)
Start datetime: March 1, 2022, midnight
End datetime: April 1, 2022, midnight